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Global Guardian Project creates FREE online activities for kids and  the entire family that teach how to care for the earth, endangered animals and each other.

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The world needs our compassion and love now more than ever. Together, we can raise tomorrow's global  peacekeepers and changemakers!


Who Is Global Guardian Project?

Learn more about Global Guardian Project's mission to inspire children to care for the earth, endangered animals and each other.

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Designed to follow the whim of your child's interest, you can pick a different topic everyday, or go from one to the next from start to finish. Endangered elephants today and exploring India tomorrow? No problem! The choice is yours (or should we say your child's). New capsules are added each month!


As a member, you'll receive instant access to ALL learning capsules inside the academy. That's over 25 topics to help raise a family of global stewards! Choose from topics on protecting endangered animals, ocean conservation, honeybee conservation, global leaders and changemakers, exploring countries, plant power and global recipes just to mane a few.......

Become A Member for FREE and Gain Instant Access to Hundreds of Learning Opportunities

As a Global Guardian member, you'll be gaining instant access to over 25 online courses (we like to call them capsules) packed full of activities for kids age 5-10, as well as articles, art projects, videos, interviews and family challenges. All designed to inspire the entire family to protect the earth, animals and each other. But that's not all, you'll also have access to everything below:

Family Challenges

Choose from dozens of simple, powerful family challenges to implement in your home.  Small shifts starting at home create a global ripple effect of change!

STEAM Based Learning

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. We include STEAM based learning prompts throughout each course (also known as capsules) to help you form the educational foundation for tomorrow's changemakers.  

Community Forums

Connect with like-minded parents in our community forum to share, ask questions and offer your own experiences. It takes a village!

Monthly E-Magazine

A special treat for the parent- a monthly e-magazine that features parent and kid friendly content in the form of articles, activities, stories and global recipes to add to your online learning experience and spark new ideas!  


Join the global community of families who are learning to make simple, sustainable shifts in the home to create a healthier planet. Planting seeds of change today will create a future your child deserves.


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