Water is Life: Raising Global Guardians and Water Protectors

Water is Life. It's as simple as that.

Danielle Chassin Hippie in Disguise Ottawa Canada Rock Sculpture NODAPL

At the Global Guardian Project we are saddened to hear of President Trump's decision to move forward with the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipeline. The good of the economy is not separate from the good of the environment.

If you are feeling lost as to how or whether to involve your children in activism or how to talk to them about difficult world issues, consider a gentle approach. At the Global Guardian Project we offer learning resources to inform children and families about our ecosystems and how we can care for them, from an early age, so the next generation of adults will be protectors at heart, they will be Global Guardians!

To help you out, we are sharing a link to our learning capsule about OCEANS. This mini-capsule will spark and nurture children's wonder and love for water.

Access the learning capsule here.

Thank you to our water protectors at Standing Rock. You are true world leaders. 

Water is Life. #nodapl 

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