Learn How to Go Litterless

Learn How to Go Litterless

Trash might seem inevitable, but by taking small steps, we can quickly begin to be litter-free.

When we create waste, we are polluting oceans and potentially harming creatures that unknowingly consume harmful plastics and chemicals. We can create a healthy environment for the world's species and for ourselves by learning about recycling, composting and more.

Our Go Litterless capsule brings you art and hands-on activities that will challenge your child to think critically about how to decrease litter. Some of these creative inspirations include:

  • Zero-Waste Food
    • Learn how to make your lunches litterless while getting practice with a zero-waste cookie recipe. These readings will help you pay attention to packaging materials and ingredients that you use.
  • Recycled Art Project
    • Create your own compost infographic and help your child get a visual of how composting can help the world decrease litter.
  • Litterless Challenge
    • Commit to bringing your own reusable items when you eat away from home, or go deeper with more simple challenges to help you go litterless.

Learn how you and your little one can change the planet by purchasing our Go Litterless capsule for only $9.99 today! Here's a preview:

The Global Guardian Project is a learning platform for global minded parents to educate their children on how to play an active part in caring for the planet. We offer a monthly subscription to our learning capsules, which include facts about animals, countries, and more, art projects, interviews, recipes, videos, and podcasts, for $14.99 per month. Visit our store to subscribe and help raise a Little Global Guardian.

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