Learn All About Israel

Learn All About Israel

Step foot into west Asia and the diverse climates of Israel as we explore the country's deserts and coastal plains!

Israel is a country like no other. Home to seven million people, it is home to the famous Dead Sea, known as the lowest point on Earth, and extremely fertile lands. With over 60 pages, our Israel capsule takes you on a journey through each of these environments to meet its inhabitants.

This unique capsule builds your child's understanding of the importance of diverse species, with special features on Israel's Arabian oryx, Hula painted frog and more. Kids will add to their vocabulary, DIY project collection and reading lists, all while learning about topics like:

  • Israel Recipes
    • Create two traditional vegetarian foods with your child for a hands-on experience with Israeli meals. Learn about what inspires the country's cuisine, as well.
  • Regional NGOs
    • Get to know EcoPeace Middle East, an NGO that has focused on maintaining healthy ecosystems through political strife. Learn why working together is always key.
  • Young Activists
    • Learn how inspirational 5-year-old Ocean Whitaker uses art to create a positive impact, and how a child can change the world with small acts.

At the end of the Israel capsule, your child will understand the environment, try their hand at Yoga Nidra, and be challenged to respect lands and support butterflies and bees through easy practices.

Get your copy of the Israel capsule for just $16.99 and travel to a new country right from your home! Here's a preview:

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