Learn All About Brazil

Learn All About Brazil

It was the site of the Olympics, but have you ever thought about seeing Brazil's natural environment for yourself?

Brazil is home to the greatest variety of animals on Earth. Traveling to this unique country and its expansive Amazon rainforest will lead you to awe-inspiring sights that no other place could match.

Our Brazil capsule is your first step into the country's beautiful ecosystem. As your child learns about threatened species -- including the maned three-toed sloth, morpho butterfly and monkey frog -- they will be inspired to join in on efforts to halt deforestation in an incredible land. Watch as your child's vocabulary grows and creativity is expressed through fun projects, inspirational words and readings like:

  • A Global Family Interview
    • Get to know the Matthew family and how they live a natural lifestyle right in Oahu, Hawaii. Their minimalist lifestyle will have you jumping into nature with them.
  • Brazil NGO Spotlight
    • Learn about the Rainforest Foundation, a nonprofit that seeks to preserve the humans and species that depend on rainforests to survive, while gaining resources to take action yourself.
  • Guided Meditation
    • Build compassion and concentration by learning about meditation. As you practice this activity with your child, they will build a stronger connection to nature.

This capsule is unique in delivering an important challenge to forgo palm oil, a simple solution that does wonders for a huge deforestation crisis.

Step into the diverse environment of Brazil and inspire your child's wanderlust by purchasing our Brazil capsule today! Here's a preview:

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