Growing our Global Guardian Tribe: Part 3

Our dream for the Global Guardian Project is to grow a tribe of families who understand the importance of caring for the Earth and all who inhabit it.  Our tribe understands the importance of leading by example by being the change that the world desperately needs.  Change starts with us.  We teach our children how to be global stewards by not only giving them tools to become activists but also leading by example. This is why each of our monthly Learning Capsules is filled with useful information, inspirational stories and real-life challenges that can be easily implemented in the home and community.  We understand that small steps are what will create sustainable, positive change in the home, in our community and around the world. At the Global Guardian Project we are fortunate to have the support from some incredibly amazing parents, educators, and bloggers who want to inspire change and lead by example. We'd like to give a personal thank you to the following inspiring women who recently joined our tribe. You can find them on Instagram doing good everyday. Heather @foragedheather // "It isn't a secret that I yearn to raise children who value our earth, who are connected to Mother Nature, who witness their bodies and energy ebb and flow along with the cycles of the moon and who will grow to leave this planet better than they found it...In August I was introduced to the Global Guardian Project and it so perfectly aligned with our ethical and moral standards, to help teach our children to care for the earth, by highlighting endangered species, simple changes we can make in our everyday to create a global shift and courageously ignite change - within our children - for our future." Foraged Heather Global Guardian Project Chelsi @alpinebabyco // and "I'm a mama of 3 beautiful, outdoor loving babes. We recently made the commitment to minimize our family's impact on the earth. My husband and I desire to raise our children to be conscious consumers, respecting all creatures and cultures alike. That's no easy feat in today's fast and furious world, but being part of the Global Guardian community has given us the tools we need to teach our kids in a fun, EASY format. Thankful on so many levels for the opportunity to grow and learn together." Global Guardian Project Alpine Baby Co Chelsi Dubay Natasha @treeoftash "I love how the Global Guardian Project empowers my son to explore and protect the earth. He feels connected to animals and now aside from learning about them and their habitats, he's proud to help them in any way he can. The more we know, the better we do" Global Guardian Project Natasha Ten Stephanie @hellopoppet_ // "My compassion grew exponentially when I became a mother. Only, I was really surprised to find that my new-found compassion didn't just extend to my children, it filtered out to many new areas in my life, not least my growing respect for our planet. I recently became acutely aware of how important it is to be mindful of the impact we have while we walk this Earth. This way of life is still new to me and so it's crucial for to educate myself further so that I can model to my family how to respect our planet and be the best conservationists we can be. I was pleased to discover the Global Guardian is perfect for our home educating needs." Global Guardian Project Hello Poppet Stephanie Barker Robin @twentyventi // "The task of caring for our earth is a large one - it sometimes feels too big, and a huge responsibility as a parent to prepare my child for. I was recently introduced to the Global Guardian thoughtfully shows children how they can care for and protect the earth and its inhabitants (animals, humans, plants alike). It's a great starting point that educates (in a fun way!) and pushes us further, to make connections, and understand what we can do to help our planet on a global scale. Knowing that we can all make a difference, and be "global guardians" is an empowering message for young children, and even for me. I'm learning that even the simplest actions can have a widespread impact - I simply have to act." Global Guardian Project Twentyventi Robin Thank you for your support, our friends! You can sign up for your Global Guardian Learning Capsules subscription right here in our store.

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