Our National Parks Capsule

Our National Parks Capsule

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National Parks Capsule

Global Guardian Project has teamed up with Parks Project and Parks4Kids to create this beautiful Exploring our National Park Capsule. This cause-driven partnership combines our unique skills to educate, inspire and challenge families to learn more about US National Parks, and to get out and explore these amazing natural treasures.

Included in this Learning Capsule is over 90 pages filled with beautiful imagery and interesting facts about ten of the most treasured US National Parks.  Each park section features historical and geographical information, a spotlight on indigenous endangered species, and interesting and little known facts and points of interest.  We also include 5 creative activities, including park maps, to help document past park adventures and spark ideas for future journeys. 

The capsule includes the following National Parks: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Smokey Mountains, Grand Canyon, Zion, Denali, Grand Teton, Olympic, Rocky Mountain and Acadia.  

To compliment this capsule, we've also designed a beautiful National Parks map, which features all 50+ National Parks, and comes with access to downloadable badges to mark your travels.  

You can view the map here.