Nature Themed Animals Alphabet Poster

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With our alphabet poster, your child will be able to sing along to their ABCs while learning to spell new words, like the names of their favorite animals! This modern ABC poster will help your child pick up the alphabet quickly as they associate letters with alligators, giraffes, penguins and more. The animals on the alphabet poster provide a daily dose of simple environmental education by keeping children mindful of other living creatures in the world.

As they learn to spell and pronounce new words, including vocabulary terms within Global Guardian Project's kid's e-courses your little one will rise toward leadership and express compassion in all their words.

This ABC poster is perfect for any family seeking to empower children through communication and love for the environment. Add this poster to your nursery decor, children's room, preschool classroom or homeschool.

Poster sized 18"x24". Arrives unframed.