May Freebie Package

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The month of May is FILLED with amazing deals!

The perfect educational gift-

Give a child the tools to learn about our big beautiful world and inspire them how to care for it everyday.  Our All Access Pass to our Academy e-courses paired with world map coloring poster PLUS our Ocean Mammals poster gives hours and hours of engaging, educational, and interesting learning opportunities for little ones.  

Heres what you'll get-

  • All Access Explorer Pass- a 6 month membership to ALL e-courses
  • 18"x24" ocean mammals poster
  • World Map Coloring Poster, 36"x24" This map is used as a tool to deepen learning about the world, countries, endangered species, our oceans and more.  Use the map to locate countries and cities, oceans, homes of endangered animals etc. A perfect gift for little world explorers, ages 5-12.

This package is worth over $200!

This gift is especially great for children who love animals.  Our A-Z endangered animal e-course (included with purchase) teaches where animals live and includes coloring pages that can be colored, cut out and placed on the world map, making the experience even more interactive.

E-courses include-

  • Ocean Conservation
  • Rainforest Conservation
  • A-Z Endangered Animals
  • Protecting Honeybees
  • Desert Wonders
  • Protecting Butterflies
  • Going Litterless
  • Plant Power
  • Leaders and Changemakers
  • Discover Brazil
  • Discover Thailand
  • Discover Rwanda
  • Discover India
  • Discover Canada
  • Discover Sweden
  • Discover Sri Lanka
  • Discover Argentina
  • Discover Colombia
  • Discover Israel
  • Discover Madagascar