Who We Are

_O9A5266We are a tribe of parents, educators, activists and artists who share a common goal. We want to raise our children to become guardians of our planet, to be inspired and empowered to care for the Earth in a way we adults haven't. It's no secret that we've created a mess. But we can do something about it today, while our children are young, that will teach them that proper care for our Earth is our duty and within our reach. It's Global Guardian Project's mission to create learning tools for families to just that. To educate children on how to care for the earth. To inspire them to make simple, daily changes that will become positive habits. And to challenge them to become free thinkers and little change makers. The Global Guardian Project is a monthly subscription service that helps parents educate their children on how to respect and protect their planet. Each month parents receive resources and tools including: DIY projects, interviews, reviews and recommendations from people and organizations who are serious about change. With all the information and resources at their fingertips parents can feel confident about educating their children about an important topic that impacts us all! And, the best part-- kids absolutely LOVE the format. Its a delicate balance of inspiration + action! Check out what other parents are saying here. When you subscribe, you'll also have the option to purchase our world map to mark where your Global Guardian has traveled each month and what he or she has learned. To join us, simply purchase a subscription in our STORE section.  And feel free to download the free Our Oceans Capsule!