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Global Guardian Project is made for parents, educators and activists who share a common goal. We want to raise our children to become guardians of our planet, to be inspired and empowered to care for the Earth in a way we adults haven’t. It’s Global Guardian Project’s mission to create learning tools to empower families starting in the home. To help educate children on how to care for the earth. To inspire the entire family to make simple, daily changes that will become positive habits. And to challenge them to become free thinkers and little change makers.

It is imperative that we, as adults, invest in our family’s future by educating and inspiring our children to care for our environment, and in turn, becoming future global contributors who will help care for the Earth. Global Guardian Project will give you the tools to get you started. Each month we will build on what you learn, helping you to make permanent, sustainable positive change in the home.  Those changes will fill your home, flow into the community, then throughout the Earth.


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 Message From Rebecca Lane, Creator-

“As an artist and social entrepreneur, global education and environmental awareness have always been the subject of my work.  I used art to tell stories of global struggles and the power of educating children for social change. Through my art and global travels, somewhere along the line a seed was planted.  It grew deep inside me.  I knew I had to create a way to take my pairing of art and global education to create an interactive learning tool.  That seed sprouted into the Global Guardian Project.

It was then that I really realized my calling in life is to create ideas, opportunities and solutions for global minded parents so they can teach their own children how to care for the Earth. This is how I contribute to the world- by using my art + passion for global awareness to create a ripple effect for global good."