Canada Learning Capsule

Canada Learning Capsule

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Canada Learning Capsule

Are you ready to discover Canada?  Our Learning Capsule contains over 60 pages of rich content, learning opportunities, interviews, recipes and art projects, plus much more!

In this capsule you'll find:

-Letter from the Guest Editors, Canadians Matt Surch & Danielle Chassin

-In depth overview of Canada, it's environment and culture

-List of 4 endangered species with information on how you can help with conservation efforts

-Success story: Recovered Species

-Vocabulary list

-Book reviews

-2 family friendly regional recipes

-DIY art project: animal coloring sheet downloads

-Animal art project using maps

-Global Guardian spotlights on Canadian environmental activists

-Little changemakers series video: Kids making a difference

-NGO spotlight

-Global family interview

-Inspirational words digital art download

-Family guided meditation

-Family environmental challenge

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