Travel to Sweden

Travel to Sweden

Did you know Sweden was once completely covered in ice?

Today, Sweden is a beautiful land with forests, lakes and diverse flora, but its rich environmental history makes it a unique place to visit. With naturally salt-free waters and contrasting seasons, the country is an amazing place for children to learn about.

Our nearly 70-page Sweden capsule curates unique art and baking activities, important vocabulary, meditation practice and stories of young travelers and leaders. Your child will be inspired to take action for the environment as they read about:

  • Sweden's Endangered Species
    • Learn about the lynx, golden eagle, arctic fox, fly orchid and more creatures that are essential to a healthy ecosystem and understanding Sweden.
  • Sweden Changemakers
    • Get to know Helena Norberg-Hodge and Karl-Henrik Robert, two leaders who develop Swedish communities through environmental responsibility. Both changemakers will inspire your little one to grow up as leaders, too!
  • A Simple Action Challenge
    • Kids will be inspired to share information and help others appreciate conservation through little steps in their everyday life.

Enjoy the natural beauty of a diverse country by diving deep into pages of our Sweden capsule for only $16.99! Here's a preview:

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