Our Children Will Inherit the Earth. Here’s How We Can Make Sure They’re Prepared

Teach a child how to care for the earth today, so when they grow up, caring for the earth will be second nature.  

Let's start raising tomorrow’s changemakers today.


What does humane education look like?

Picture a five year old girl and her mother learning about her favorite animal, the black rhino, and exploring how they can help protect them for home.

Imagine a nine year old boy learning how to spot sustainable palm oil certifications in the grocery store, knowing that action will help protect both the rainforest and orangutans.

Envision a group of ten year old girls committed to spending a half hour a day helping their neighborhood community garden.

Imagine a group of twelve year old boys running a lemonade stand to help raise money for their local beach clean up project.

This is humane education. Sadly, this is the part that's missing in most education systems. 

The good news- your child will learn all this and more through Global Guardian Academy's fresh new e-courses.

As parents, we know we need to do more. And the good news is, we can do that by educating our children and by making simple, positive, lasting shifts starting at home.

Global Guardian Academy gives you the tools to create a ripple effect of change. 

You'll be educating your child, making positive shifts at home that will flow from the home to the community, then eventually around the world.

We invite you to try out our new e-courses.  We're certain your family will love the rich content, engaging videos and activities, the creative art projects and more.  There is ZERO obligation deal.  We just want to show you what our courses can teach your little Global Guardian!  Click below for your free sample course!

When you sign up, you'll also get access to our Insider Community, a free weekly activity for your child sent straight to your inbox every weekend! 

Here's to raising the next generation of peacekeepers and changemakers!

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