3 Nature Inspired Easter Crafts

Nature Inspired Easter Crafts

easter egg bath bomb hippie in disguise

Arts and crafts are fun, but, in addition, arts and crafts help develop creative thinking and are a good stress reliever for all ages.

For a little Easter fun, we have collected a short list of simple, creative Easter crafts you can make using natural dyes, scents and other materials, such as flowers and leaves. Not only are these crafts beautiful, but they are gentle toward the earth, since they use natural materials.

If you have the time, let your children collect the materials with you, that's at least half the fun! You don't need to visit the craft store to make beautiful projects. Be innovative and creative, use the bounty of materials found in nature.

1. Easter Egg Shaped Bath Bombs made with essential oils and dried flowers (optional) 


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If you have any nature-inspired craft ideas let us know, leave a comment below.


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