3 Reasons National Parks are a Must-See on Summer Break

National Parks See on Summer Break

Over 84 million acres of pristine wilderness is waiting to be explored by YOU in America's National Parks this summer. With scores of parks on both coasts of the United States and everywhere in between, there is sure to be a paradise within driving distance of your home. Whether you love fishing, rafting, climbing, hiking, or just appreciate a scenic vista, the National Park System can help scratch that itch. Best of all, visiting a national park is an affordable family vacation.

Here are the top three reasons to get out and explore national parks this summer.

  1. You need a digital detox—and your kids might too. Getting out and communing with nature is not only soothing, it has real health benefits. So, disconnect from screens of all sizes and say ciao for now to your emails, texts, and tweets and press the reset button in the company of fresh air and forests. You’ll return from your vacation feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, instead of feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation.
  2. National Parks tell stories you need to hear. The story of the National Park Service is the story of the American conservation movement—when insightful citizens recognized the dangers that modern living and development had on natural landscapes and ecosystems. These wondrous and wild environments within our National Parks were sacred to native peoples in addition to holding geological secrets in rocks and stone from ancient times.
  3. Get re-acquainted with the awe-inspiring power of nature. From spectacular canyons carved over millions of years by wind and water (Grand Canyon, Zion National Parks), to snow-capped peaks (Denali, Olympia National Parks) and alpine lakes (Rocky Mountains National Park), hundreds of unique and intact ecosystems are waiting to be discovered. Got animal lovers in your crew? The charismatic megafauna of the North American continent from bears to bison, moose, wolves, as well as birds of prey all make their homes in America's national parks.

Need help choosing a park to visit?

Global Guardian Project has teamed up with Parks Project and Parks4Kids to create this beautiful Exploring our National Parks Capsule. GGP formed a cause-driven partnership with Parks Project and Parks4Kids to combine our unique skills to educate, inspire and challenge families to learn more about US National Parks, and to get out and explore America's amazing natural treasures.

Included in the Learning Capsule is over 90 pages filled with beautiful imagery and interesting facts about ten of our most treasured US National Parks.  Each park section features historical and geographical information, a spotlight on indigenous endangered species, and other interesting and little known facts and points of interest.  Also included are 5 creative activities, including park maps, to help document past park adventures and spark ideas for future journeys. 

The capsule includes the following National Parks: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Smokey Mountains, Grand Canyon, Zion, Denali, Grand Teton, Olympic, Rocky Mountain and Acadia.  

You can purchase our National Parks Capsule HERE


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