Mindful Meditation for Children


Meditation helps children in so many ways.  It helps to reduce stress, improve behavior and focus, release negative thoughts, improve self confidence, decrease aggressive behaviors, cultivate compassion and promote inner peace.

More parents and educators are deciding to try guided meditations with their children and are realizing that it really improves their state of well being.  Meditation is an important tool that children can carry with them throughout their entire lives.

Each month we include a family friendly guided meditation in our Learning Capsules. We hope that our meditations help to guide children to a place of inner peace and self worth. We want every child to understand their value and power as a human and global citizen.

We invite you to sample our guided meditation included in our India Learning Capsule.

You can download the meditation and/or listen to our podcast [ HERE ]


This podcast is just one component of the complete India Learning Capsule, which includes over 50 pages of learning opportunities, from facts, to interviews, to activities, as well as videos, art downloads, maps and more. You can buy the complete India Learning Capsule in our SHOP here.

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  • I really love the information about meditation . Actually inspiring!

    Enrico Galard

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