Learn to Protect Our Bees

Learn to Protect Our Bees

When it comes to food, we have a lot to thank bees for.

Bees are responsible for a significant amount of the food we eat today, and are crucial to the health of our ecosystems. By learning about these buzzing creatures, children will understand the unique roles taken on by one of the world's most productive species.

With over 40 pages, our bee capsule includes a coloring page, inspirational art and recipes inspired by the resources that bees provide us. Your kids will read about the basics of a honey bee, while diving into deeper topics like:

  • Colony Collapse Disorder
    • Learn about the troublesome declines that bees are facing around the world and why this is a serious issue that requires us to take action.
  • Pollination
    • Show your child what bees do for us, while building their literacy about where our food comes from through our short readings.
  • What You Can Do to Help Save the Bees
    • Take action to help the world's amazing bees by following eight simple steps that you can implement in your daily life.

Gain a love for bees and show your child that even the tiniest beings are necessary on this big planet! Purchase the Protect Our Bees capsule for only $9.99 today. Here's a preview:

The Global Guardian Project is a learning platform for global minded parents to educate their children on how to play an active part in caring for the planet. We offer a monthly subscription to our learning capsules, which include facts about animals, countries, and more, art projects, interviews, recipes, videos, and podcasts, for $14.99 per month. Visit our store to subscribe and help raise a Little Global Guardian.

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