Learn All About Thailand

Learn All About Thailand

In a country that's only slightly bigger than California, you can explore savannas and rainforests, while encountering the wild water buffalo and and sea cows along the way!

Thailand, known for its huge geographical diversity, is just a touch away with our 60-page capsule, filled with vocabulary lists, map adventures, inspirational words, and stories of people and NGOs that are changing the world -- starting with their beautiful country. The Thailand capsule is filled with meditation activities and rich topics, including:

  • Thai Recipes
    • Help your little ones create delicious Thai curry vegetable soup, roti bread and vegan Thai iced tea to bring the taste of a magnificent country back to your home.
  • Family Travel and Education
    • Get to know the Benders, a family that grew up in Australia, but has traveled to nearly 70 countries together. Their story will open your eyes to new education philosophies and places to visit.
  • A Simple Family Challenge
    • Think more about your family's waste output with a simple challenge that will educate you and your child together.

Learn all about Thailand and be inspired by the beautiful country by purchasing our Thailand capsule today! Here's a preview:

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