Learn All About South Africa

Learn All About South Africa

Have you ever dreamed of visiting South Africa? There's so many reasons why you should!

South Africa is a coastal country and the 25th largest country in the world. In addition to diverse ethnic groups and languages, it is home to plateaus, scrublands, deserts and more in a naturally hot and humid environment.

Our South Africa capsule allows you to step into the country by interacting with arts and crafts, making a traditional South African melktert, and learning about the NGOs and families making a difference. Your child's vocabulary will grow as they learn about brand new topics, including:

  • South Africa's Endangered Species
    • Learn about the African wild dog, white rhinoceros, Cape vulture and Hartmann's mountain zebra, as well as indigenous plants. Find out what threats they face, why they matter and how you can help.
  • South Africa's Change Makers
    • Get to know Kumi Naidoo and Desmond D'sa, two activists who use their voices to better their community for its people and its environment. Be inspired to take action through stories of these leaders, as well as, young activist Levi Draheim in later pages.
  • Night Sky Meditation
    • Learn how to take your mind on an incredible, soothing adventure. You'll feel more connected to nature as you breathe in images of the night sky and more.

At the end of this capsule, your kids will be challenged to recycle their electronics, making a big difference one small action at a time.

Learn about South Africa and inspire your child's wanderlust by purchasing our South Africa capsule today! Here's a preview:

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