Learn All About Argentina: Animals, Plants, Ecosystems and More

 Learn All About ArgentinaArgentina Global Guardian Project Homeschool Worldschool

Let's go to Argentina!

Ever wanted to travel to Argentina, one of the most beautifully diverse countries in South America? In February's learning capsule we venture through the mountains, plains and coastal regions of this unique country and learn all about it's people, animals, history, challenges and strengths.

With over 50 pages packed full of learning opportunities, a dozen activities and videos, including a podcast, your family will have hours of adventure inspiration and learning at your fingertips!

Here are some of the topics you'll read and learn about:

  • Endangered Species: 
    • This month we teach about the struggles of the Short Haired Chinchilla, Giant Armadillo, Spectacled Bear and the Bush Dog, and give you ideas and resources on how you can help these endangered species.
  • Young Activists: Meet the Wijsen sisters from Bali
    • We want children to know that they can make a difference in the world. That’s why each month we share the story of inspiring children who knew they didn’t need to wait to be adults to make a difference. Inspire your children to become empowered about something important to them by learning from their peers.
  • Regional Recipes:
    • Learn how to make a traditional Argentinian sweet treat! We have a PDF download (including a vegan recipe option) and an easy to follow DIY video!
  • Family Environmental Challenge:
    • Learn how simple shifts in your everyday life can help save the lives of beautiful plants and animals and help lessen our environmental impact!

In addition to the above, you'll find an article on the country's geography and culture, book reviews, vocabulary list (and definitions), an introduction to two of Argentina's changemakers,  a featured NGO, DIY art project, map artwork, a guided meditation, an incredibly interesting interview from a Global Guardian family, inspirational artwork download.

PLUS - we now have STEAM-based learning prompts throughout the entire capsule, which means we give you solid, engaging ideas on how to use our capsule for even DEEPER learning opportunities for your family. For those of you new to STEAM, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. We have a curriculum advisor who helps us craft questions and projects appropriate for children aged 4-13 so they can deepen and test their learning in the STEAM subjects.

To access the full Argentina capsule join the Global Guardian Tribe by subscribing to our monthly capsules, which cost only $14.99 and you can cancel at anytime without penalty. Subscriptions started after March 14, 2017 will not get the Argentina capsule.

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Here are some preview images to peek your interest:

Global Guardian Project Spectacled Bear Argentina Homeschool Worldschool

Global Guardian Project Homeschool Worldschool Devine Family Tribe

Argentine Global Guardian Project Indigenous Plants Homeschool Worldschool


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