Inspire School Bundle Giveaway!

Thank you for signing up for the giveaway!  We'll choose a winner on March 15th and will contact you if you won. Good luck!

Global Guardian Project has partnered with Inspire Charter Schools to GIVEAWAY a 12 month bundle of interactive STEAM based learning modules to one lucky family! 

The Global Guardian Project is a STEAM based monthly digital publication, available in bundles or as single issues, for parents and educators to help their children learn about countries, ecosystems, plants and animals around the world, and how to take care of them and live sustainably.

Our mission is to inspire and empower families to make simple, sustainable changes starting at home. How do we do this? By teaching the following

  • how to create new patterns of behavior and thinking in order to make positive changes for the health of the world.
  • how to be ecologically conscious so that living sustainably will be second nature to them.
  • to understand how their immediate actions are connected to overall environmental health.

Each interactive issue will focus on a different environmental topic or area of the world, and will be chock full of  geographical projects, stories, DIY projects, a book club, inspiring videos and podcasts for you and your little global guardian.  By design, each magazine will have ongoing, interactive projects and challenges for you and your family to help take steps to become  global changemakers. We include STEAM learning prompts throughout each issue to help spark deeper learning across subjects.

Every single one of us can do something to make a difference. And collectively, we can change the world.

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