How to Raise a Global Guardian

KINEDX012 Everyone knows that we need to take better care of the Earth. That we should be raising our children knowing they can change the world for the better. We know that the Global Guardian Project can be a platform for parents, caregivers and educators to teach children just that. We want our resources to be the spark for you We want our site to be the first stop for teaching children how to care for the earth. Starting next week, we'll begin posting our resources, including DIY projects, interviews reviews and recommendations on people and organizations who are serious about change. All delivered in digestible posts that are designed to make teaching your little Global Guardians easy and fun. We want both you and your child to be an inspired global changemaker. You can sign up for the Global Guardian Learning Capsules subscription here in our store and get full access to all the content in our Learning Capsules. And, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest news about our project.

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