How to Achieve a Compassionate World According to the Dalai Lama

IMG_3801 We believe it's important to educate children about the world around us, but also about ourselves.  Our inner workings, our emotional intelligence. "Modern education with it's focus on material goals and a disregard for inner values is incomplete.  There is a need to know about the workings of our minds and emotions.  If we start today and make an effort to educate those who are young now in inner values, they will see a different, peaceful, more compassionate world in the future." -Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama believes that intelligence is more than a school diploma. Diplomas are not a measure of intelligence nor the measure of a human being. The focus on credentials and certificates is an unfortunate flaw in many educational systems. At least part of the focus of education should be on teaching young minds compassion, empathy and understanding one's own emotions.  This is what we wholeheartedly believe at the Global Guardian Project. Each month, our learning capsules will focus on an emotional quality that's important to instill in our children to become Global Guardians.  We'll show you how to foster that quality in your child and give you ideas on how you can continue to strengthen that quality everyday. Sign up for the Global Guardian Learning Capsules subscription here in our store and get full access to all the content in our Learning Capsules. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest news about our project.

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