Growing our Global Guardian Tribe: Part 2

Our dream for the Global Guardian Project is to grow a tribe of families who understand the importance of caring for the Earth and all who inhabit it.  Our tribe understands the importance of leading by example - being the change that the world desperately needs.  That change starts with us.  We teach our children how to be global stewards by not only giving them tools to become activists but also leading by example.  This is why each of our monthly Learning Capsules is filled with useful information, inspirational stories and real-life challenges that can be easily implemented in the home and community.  We understand that small steps are what will create sustainable, positive change in the home, in our community and around the world. At the Global Guardian Project we are fortunate to have the support from some incredibly amazing bloggers and influencers in social media, parents and educators who want to inspire change and lead by example. At the Global Guardian Project, we'd like to give a personal thank you to the following inspiring women who recently joined our tribe.  You can find them on Instagram doing good everyday. Ashley @piperandpoppies // "We spend a lot of time exploring outside. Hands in the dirt and learning about, and from, Mother Earth. I am so excited to have discovered the Global Guardian Project and their amazing resources for my precious little learners. As a teacher and a mother I am so inspired by the project" Global Guardian Project Piper and poppies Kaity @fareisle // "I cherish those days immersed outside in nature's wonders, reconnecting with our precious Earth. So when I heard about the Global Guardian Project I was right away intrigued" Global Guardian Project Fareisle Ellie @petalplum // "Raising children to care for the world in a real & worthwhile way feels like my mama's work. Educating them and empowering them to make the right decisions, and to seek their own way of making a difference in the world. Finding valuable, beautiful & interesting educational resources can be hard at times, which is why I was excited to be introduced to the Global Guardian Project" Global Guardian Project Petalplum ellie beck Merrilee @mer_mag // "Excited to be supplementing [Milla's] preschool with capsule courses from the Global Guardian Project. Milla is thrilled to be learning more on sloths. We're really enjoying everything so far!" Global Guardian Project mermag Leah @suchwildgrace "No matter how big or small we are we can all make a difference. I wish to teach my children that small acts can create a big change. I wish for them to have compassion, kindness and strength. To know they can be the change makers. I am really excited [about] the Global Guardian Project" Global Guardian Project suchwildgrace leah deighton Alana @alanadorothy "We live on a beautiful, little island out at sea, but I want my sons to know there's a whole world out there. I've been desperate to introduce my eldest to other places and cultures but never knew where to when I heard about this amazing globally-minded monthly learning capsule, with a focus on sustainability, I jumped on it!" Global Guardian Project Alana Dorothy Thank you for your support, our friends! You can sign up for your Global Guardian Learning Capsules subscription right here in our store.

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