Get To Know Rwanda

Get To Know Rwanda

What better place is there to start experiencing the beauty of Africa than beautiful Rwanda?

Known as the "Land of a Thousand Hills," Rwanda is a country for all nature lovers to take note of. Despite being one of Africa's most densely populated, it led the world in banning plastic bags and celebrates a national community cleaning day.

Our Rwanda capsule will teach your child how to embrace these Rwandan values in over 40 pages of activities, new vocabulary and suggested readings. Stories about Rwanda's philanthropic people and organizations will be sure to inspire your child as they learn about:

  • Rwanda's Endangered Species
    • Learn about the black rhinoceros, African elephant, mountain gorilla and African golden cat. These incredible creatures will captivate your child as they read about them.
  • Rwandan Recipes
    • Mandazi is a delicious treat that is sure to please every child's sweet tooth. Make it at home with your kid to experience a part of Rwanda's cuisine and culture.
  • Minimalism and Slow Living
    • Read about Danielle Chassin and her family, an inspiring group that embraces a unique way of living to connect with each other. Their story will help you approach life with a commitment to mindfulness and positive values.

After this capsule provides you with inspirational words for your home and guided meditation practice, your family will be challenged to commit to fair trade products -- a simple, mindful act that is barely a challenge at all!

Build your child's sense of responsibility as they take on this incredible world by purchasing our Rwanda capsule today. Here's a preview:

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