Dive Into Sri Lanka

Dive Into Sri Lanka

If a colorful island country seems like the perfect place to visit, Sri Lanka should be your next stop!

Sri Lanka is home to a wide variety of religions, languages and ethnic groups that exist alongside Asia's largest terrestrial and aquatic animals. Our Sri Lanka capsule is filled with over 60 pages of amazing facts about the country's endangered species, traditional practices and beloved recipes. As your child reads about incredible NGOs and travelers, and completes fun projects, they will read about:

  • Sri Lanka Changemakers
    • Meet Anoka Primrose Abeyrathne and Jansila Majeed, two award-winning women who promote education and act as role models for young children.
  • Mandala Meditation
    • Learn about how some Sri Lankan people express themselves through mandalas with an art project. You will also get to practice a unique form of meditation that is all about finding your creative center.
  • Global Guardian Virtues
    • Find new ways to express compassion in order to spread kindness to others, and show care for the environment around us.

Your child will end their journey into Sri Lanka by bringing making their own impact. Our simple action challenge will show them small steps they can take to sustainably travel through resources like our capsules.

Be inspired by a new culture by purchasing our interactive Sri Lanka capsule today for only $16.99! Here's a preview:

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