Creative Art For Little Global Guardians + Free Digital Download Coloring Sheet

Art is an essential part of cognitive growth for children. Apart from the fun and freedom of  creating,  art helps develop children's minds in many ways. Creativity, improved academic performance, confidence, motor skills, decision making and focus are just some of the skills cultivated through art. Unfortunately, art education in American public schools is disappearing at an incredibly sad rate. Over the past several years we’ve seen the trend of schools cutting arts from daily curriculum. img_1251 Global Guardian Project is committed to including art projects in each of our learning capsules.  Each month we design a piece of art that's related to our featured country.  This elephant coloring printable is just one example of the art activities included. With the help of friend and freelance graphic designer Megan Jurvis, we've created this fun elephant coloring page printable.  You can download and print here. Print You can sign up for the Global Guardian Learning Capsules subscription here in our store and get full access to all the content in our Learning Capsules.

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