Canadian Maple Syrup: How To Make Maple Snow Taffy

Kaity Ferrell Fareisle Maple Syrup Snow Taffy Tire Canada

Our Canada learning capsule talks about the wonders of one of Canada's favorite ingredients: maple syrup, and includes a maple-based recipe for healthy No-Bake Maple Cookies, developed by our friend and nutritionist Kylah Dobson. As she said, she "simply had to include a maple based recipe... or it wouldn’t be truly Canadian!"

In our research for this capsule, Kylah and our Canadian Guest Editors, Danielle Chassin and Matt Surch, shared with us a Canadian tradition that takes place in the late winter/early spring where families and schools visit a ‘Sugar Shack,’ as they are fondly referred to by Canadians. At a Sugar Shack visitors get to watch the process of seeing maple sap boiled down into a gorgeous golden maple syrup. As a special treat, the boiled syrup is poured over fresh snow and then rolled onto a stick as a delicious treat!

Our friend Kaity Ferrell made a beautiful video showing how you can make maple snow taffy yourself in a very simple way, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere that gets the occasional snow fall. Click here to learn how!

And, if you haven't purchased our Canada capsule make sure to do so, you'll learn all about maple trees, maple syrup and how it's made, but also about Canada's vast territory, ecosystems, plants, animals, inspiring activists, and much more, with over 60 pages of learning, arts and fun. Shop for the capsule or subscribe to our monthly learning capsules here. You can use code FAREISLE to get 10% off your subscription.

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