Building A Global Guardian Tribe

Our dream for the Global Guardian Project is to build a tribe of like minded families who understand the importance of caring for the Earth and all who inhabit it.  We understand the importance of leading by example - being the change that the world desperately needs.  That change starts with us.  We teach our children how to be global stewards by not only giving them tools to become activists but also leading by example.  Which is why each of our monthly Learning Capsules are filled with useful information, inspirational stories and actual challenges that can be easily implemented in the home.  We understand that small steps are what will create sustainable, positive change in the home, in our community and in the world. We are so fortunate to launch our first Learning Capsule with the support from some incredibly amazing bloggers and influencers in social media. I'd like to give a personal thank you to the following supporters.  You can find them on Instagram doing good everyday.

Danielle @hippieindisguise //

"No matter how big or small we are, we can all make changes that make a difference - we can all be Global Guardians"

Danielle Chassin Hippieindisguise for Global Guardian Project

Amanda @mytinytribe "I'm so excited to be incorporating these gorgeous materials into our homeschool routine." Amanda Rose Gregory Mytinytribe for Global Guardian Project Lisa @theforestkind // "The Global Guardian Project is such a wonderful way to teach our children about our amazing world, explore with them and inspire them and others to be little earth warriors!" Lisabeth Wolff for Global Guardian Project Louise @loopygibbens "One of the reasons we aim to play outside, reconnecting with nature as often as possible, is to instil in our children a love and appreciation for the earth. When I found out about the Global Guardian Project I was immediately interested. Ideal for home educators and all families." Loopygibbens Louise Gibbens for Global Guardian Project Dani @missverse "I've noticed the boys curiosity inspires them to care for our planet. They have been studying the Oceans Capsule and especially love the sea turtles. They are loving the balance of learning and action, giving them a chance to make a difference." Missverse Dani Aceino for Global Guardian Project Tiff @namastetiff "It brings me such joy sharing the beauty of our planet with my children. I feel a certain responsibility to inform them how we can better care for Mother Earth and help make a difference, but sometimes I feel a lack of knowledge in teaching them ways to really be more sustainable and globally minded. The Global Guardian Project has really resonated with me!" Namastetiff Tiff de Lancy for Global Guardian Project Veronika @veronikagphotography "I'm always trying to teach my little humans how to use all we have available on this beautiful planet sustainably, with minimal waste and negative impact. We just went through the Oceans Capsule and it's a big hit over here! I see it as a very important task to educate the next generation and ourselves about how to care for "our" earth." Veronika G Photography for Global Guardian Project Thank you for your support, our friends! You can sign up for your Global Guardian Learning Capsules subscription right here in our store.

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