5 Nature-Inspired Arts and Crafts for Children

Nature-Inspired Arts and Crafts for Children

mushroom spore print by michelle housel

Arts and crafts are an essential and fun part of life. We love these earth-inspired crafts that are gentle toward the earth, by using primarily natural materials, and engaging for children. Follow the links to learn how to make your own beautiful arts, crafts and costumes, with natural materials.


  1. Nature Mask with Leaves and Flowers by Merrilee Liddiard
  2. Mother Nature Costume Made from Real Leaves by Danielle Chassin
  3. Stick Weaving by Babycino Kids
  4. Mushroom Spore Prints by Michelle Housel
  5. Painted Twig Bouquet by Homemade Ginger


If you have any nature-inspired craft ideas let us know, leave a comment below.


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