3 Ways to Protect Endangered Animals- Right From Your Own Home!

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

Protecting endangered animals has been an important topic at Global Guardian Project, and even more so after visiting and interviewing an elephant rescue organization in Thailand recently. My boys interviewed a caregiver and were told individual stories of the 77 rescues. Horrifying stories of mistreatment and abuse, all resulting from the hands of humans.

When we talk about endangered animals in our e-courses, we ALWAYS offer links to organizations who help with conservation efforts. We do this to give you opportunity to learn more about their stories and how you can help.

Click above to receive a bundle of coloring page printables to help start conversations on animal protection with your child. The earlier a child learns to protect animals, the more natural that instinct will be as adults. Teaching compassion can never start too soon.

These printables are a sample of our A-Z Endangered Animals e-course for kids. You can get the full course + 24 other courses on ways to protect the earth by becoming a Global Guardian member.  Learn more here!



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