We're Changing the World in 2020

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2020

 Welcome to 2020. Does the world look the way you hoped it would for your children? Does this decade look the way you imagined it to 10, even 5 years ago?


If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Millions of parents across the world want a better world for their children but don’t know just where to start.


That’s why Global Guardian Project was created- to unite as parents and learn new ways to support global change starting at home. 


The idea of Global Guardian Project sparked because I knew couldn’t just stand by and allow my children to inherit a broken world.  And as a mother, I knew that change always starts at home. I knew there were folks like us who wanted to do more to educate our entire families on how to better care for the Earth and how to be activists in everyday life.  And that the best way to effect change is through both education + action. Not just educating the child, but the entire family. So Global Guardian Project was born, appropriately, at my kitchen table.


Through the years I’ve found a few common threads that unite us as parents.  Things that worry us, and that inspire us to take action..  


We worry about our children’s future.

We know that we’re doing WAY more harm than good to the Earth.  We see all the problems but no solutions. We know that once the damage is done to the Earth, there is no going back and that our children and grandchildren don’t deserve to inherit our mess.


We know we have to do more.

 We know that  education + action is a catalyst for global change. But we often aren’t given effective tools to teach our children how to make positive change.  It’s not found in schools, in our neighborhoods, in the sea of media. There are a million resources floating out there, but not one that really focuses on the problem and offers positive, inspiring actions for families to take toward a sustainable solution.  


We know deep down that there is hope for a beautiful future for our families and the planet. And that the time for change is NOW.

We can’t leave change in the hands of politicians and corporations. We know that the best place to start is at home. Wherever we are, we can take positive steps toward a better Earth.  And that if we teach our children now to become global stewards, carrying that knowledge will be second nature to them as adults.  


We heal the world through education and action starting at home. 

The Global Guardian Project team devotes our hearts and energy in creating the best resources for parents who want to raise global changemakers. My team and I are dedicated to continuing to give you and your family the tools needed to be true Global Guardians. I believe our best hope for the future is to raise children as global stewards and teach them the power of their actions, so as adults they will know that they’re truly capable of affecting change. Stepping up is not a privilege, but a right and a responsibility.  For the sake of our children, endangered species, our environment, and the planet.


Together, we can raise the most powerful generation of positive changemakers the world has ever seen. 


We invite you to become the newest family in our global community.  Join Global Guardian Project today, at no charge, and see what our family-focused educational activities, e-courses and challenges have to offer.  There’s no commitment- you can cancel at anytime.


And just for signing up today, we will plant a tree in your family’s honor.  It doesn’t matter if you join for a day or a lifetime, just saying yes will help the earth from the get go.  Because that’s the goal here, to take action into our own hands and create a ripple effect of change.


We can’t wait to meet you-


Rebecca Lane, Founder


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